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Date Title Speaker Listen

Money Laundering Schemes Of Organized Crime

Stefan Wieland Listen

Deadly Cost of Fake Drugs

Richard Widup  
**Due to the sensitive nature of the information discussed at this meeting, the audio recording of Mr. Widup's presentation has been fully omitted at his request.** 

Exotic Financial Instruments and the Risks They Pose

Doug Miles Listen

Open Source Intelligence, WMD and News of the Moment

John Batchelor Listen

Identifying Threats To The Global Business Community

Sir Colin McColl,
Dr. David Young

Islamic Terrorism: Implications and Solutions for North American Business

Ozzie Paez Listen

Neglected Defense: Mobilizing the Private Sector to Support Homeland Security

Daniel Prieto Listen

Intelligence: What Can Government and Private Sectors Learn From Each Other?

Jan Herring Listen

Security and CI: Defending Against Economic Espionage

John McGonagle Listen

On His Experience & Rebuilding Iraq's Commercial Infrastructure

Dan Rice Listen

Open Source Intelligence: Where the Leaks Are

Cynthia Hetherington Listen

About BTAC Audio

These files are "you-are-there" recordings of actual BTAC meetings held in New York City. These are not lectures, in the traditional sense of the word. There is typically an informal presentation by the speaker, then a lively discussion among the two dozen (or so) senior security and intelligence executives that typically attend BTAC meetings.

These recordings are presented "as is" – very little post-processing has been applied, except for a few redactions in which the speaker stipulated that certain information stay "in the room." As a result, you will hear coughing and throat-clearing, air conditioner hum, papers rustling, and other ambient noises. Some discussants may be off-mike, and as a result the sound levels vary.

But if you listen attentively, beyond those distractions, to what to speakers are saying, you will hear some of the most advanced thinkers and "do-ers" in security and intelligence sharing their experiences, insights, and recommendations.

Each file is the property of BTAC, which reserves all rights of ownership and re-use. But you can listen, at no charge—more than once, if you want (thanks to our strategic partner, Evoca.)

BTAC encourages teachers and trainers to use these files for instructional purposes. This can be done by streaming the files to an amplified computer for group listening in the classroom, and/or by assigning the listening as individual homework.

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