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January 6, 2010
‘The UN File: Devil's Deals at Turtle Bay’ is topic of next BTAC lunch with Claudia Rosett

June 1, 2008
'Money Laundering Schemes Of Organized Crime: Risks To Private Companies' is Topic of Next BTAC Lunch Meeting

May 12, 2008
The Hidden War on America: Identity Theft, Information Security, and Terrorism

February 7, 2008
'Deadly Cost of Fake Drugs' is Topic of Next BTAC Lunch Meeting

January 15, 2008
Senior Banking and Risk Management Professional to Address BTAC

October 4, 2007
National Radio Host to Address BTAC

April 4, 2007
Former MI-6 Chief to Address BTAC

January 12. 2007
BTAC Board Member Brad Leach Promoted to VP at NYMEX

November 17, 2006
BTAC Members Publish Article on Expanding Competitive Intelligence

October 15, 2006
ISLAMIC TERRORISM: Implications and Solutions for North American Business

July 31, 2006
Intriguing Thoughts from Daniel Prieto

June 29 , 2006
Director of Homeland Security Center to Address BTAC

May 11, 2006
CIA Medal of Distinction Recipient to Speak at BTAC

April 25, 2006
BTAC Members to Speak at Intelligence Conference

March 30, 2006
How Security and Intelligence Professionals can Thwart Economic Espionage

February 16, 2006
Former Minister of Commerce for Iraq to Speak at BTAC

December 21, 2005
BTAC Member Creates Resource Site for Security Information

December 9, 2005
BTAC Member Talks About the Deadly Business of Counterfeits

June 13, 2005
SCIP Members Take Action on Business Threats


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