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ISLAMIC TERRORISM: Implications and Solutions for North American Business

Ozzie Paez of Simplicity Data will Discuss Profiles of "Persons of Interest" in Terrorism

15 October 2006

New York, NY — The Business Threat Awareness Council will hold a breakfast meeting with special guest speaker, Ozzie Paez on Thursday October 26, 2006 at 8:45 AM in midtown Manhattan.

His topic will be:

"ISLAMIC TERRORISM: Implications and Solutions for North American Business"

Mr. Paez is a business owner, systems engineer and researcher with a long history in business process analysis, management systems and information systems security. He recently published analysis based on his 4-year study of radical Islamism and the thinking/decision-making processes of its members.

This study is unique because it focuses on the implications for business and national policies intended to address the risks of terrorism for the nation in general and the economy in particular. Mr. Paez will present some of these findings to the Council as well as address how business reacts and should react to terror threats. In contrast to presentations that focus exclusively on the nature of the problem, Mr. Paez will also discuss models evolved after 9/11 to help businesses address the risks of terrorism in the context of an effective competitive strategy.

There is no charge for this event but limited space will require an RSVP to

Entitled "Radical Islamism and Its Implications for Muslim Communities and the War on Terrorism", Mr. Paez's report details the quantitative testing of common assumptions made by the US government and news media about Islamic terrorists. This study found many of these assumptions to be unsupportable by existing evidence and often contradicted by it.

"Shortly after 9/11 many officials believed that the perpetrators were impoverished and ill-educated with little exposure to the West." Paez said. "Incorrectly viewing terrorists in that context will have serious implications for national security and economic stability."

Ozzie Paez is a veteran of the US Air Force, who spent close to twenty years in the civil and USDOE nuclear industries in Colorado and New Mexico. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and in that role supported a variety of security projects after 9/11 that considered the implications of terrorism for businesses and government agencies involved in emergency response. The results of these studies were presented to US Northern Command Headquarters in Colorado Springs and at a number of Homeland Security events. At this time, Mr. Paez is focusing on the development of new competitive models, while conducting a series of surveys and related investigations into business awareness and attitudes towards terrorism and the role of terrorism within an overall business protection strategy.

Mr. Paez has published a variety of articles in the US and Europe on issues ranging from business management, corporate leadership, regulatory compliance and quality, to his current focus developing models for conducting threat assessments in the war on terrorism. Some of his articles and reports are available on the web at:


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